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Fun With Colours..

1. So here is the painting I did in Ten Minutes almost with my colours and a small canvas board..

As promised, I am giving out the materials used in the Video and making this beautiful splash of colours..

2. Not Much actually...

- A small canvas board ordered from Amazon. This one is 30 x 25 cms,

- Fevicryl Acrylics Colours - Orange, Yellow, Turquoise Blue & Red.. 100 ml bottles available at any stationary shop.

- Poured these colours in 250 ml pepsi bottles. I had made a cone out of the Caps by heating the caps under a candle and extending the center by a toothpick to get the result.. If u guys want, i can post a video to make that on request..

3. Rest procedure is in the video as you have seen, Flip it gently after splashing the colours.. Mine landed near the fence so go some mud on it on landing.. had to clear it off..

4. Leave the frame to dry off on a flat table aligned in the beginning so that the colours don't run off and stay where they are..

5. Have Fun experimenting it with kids and yourself ..

6. Do Subscribe to this blog, become a member of the site to watch more of these..

& yes, do go over the gallery page to see works by all the awesome artists and Buy any of these to keep us Motivated..

7. Happy Quarantine.. Stay Safe..

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