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Kapil Tuli,  is a self taught Artist who has always been passionate about experiments, creations, innovations,  and creative arts.  He always found ways around new ideas to do a boring kind of work creatively, and imaiginatively.

This trait of his kept him sane,  poised and calm while in active areas. Arts helped him relax & calm down after a round of heavy action which was always constant through most of his life. 
Starting with a few basic shades of pencils  he could get his hands on in far off places, he learnt his way around with shades very intricately and produced some masterpieces in charcoal & pencils. 

His adventurous streak of life has witnessed plenty of landscapes, cultures and people and he draws his ideas from everywhere.  Be it,  cliff sides with loud turbulent waterfalls at night,  tall barren unforgiving rocks on a wild stormy night to a innocent laughter of a child, mischievous smile of a pretty lass in a desolate village to the very fine lines of age,  wisdom and contentment on an old sage. Everything inspires him to create such beautiful world in his own creative and colourful brushstrokes.
He has lately moved on to colours and again often experiments with watercolors,  acrylics,  pastels,  oil and mix media.  Most of his paintings & sketches are adorning few of the finest Officers' Messes in India.

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